Planet X: Gold of the Gods


Think ‘Star Wars’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Aliens’, And ‘Prometheus’, And You Will Really Start To Visualize “PLANET X: GOLD OF THE GODS”. A Truly Epic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure Movie With Spectacular Interplanetary, Deep Space Exploration; Unimaginable Alien Planets; Plus Ancient Gods Interwoven Into One Of The Most Fascinating And Intriguing Stories Of All Time… The Ancient Alien Theory And The… See Full Story

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Think ‘Star Wars’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Aliens’, And ‘Prometheus’, And You Will Really Start To Visualize “PLANET X: GOLD OF THE GODS”. A Truly Epic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure Movie With Spectacular Interplanetary, Deep Space Exploration; Unimaginable Alien Planets; Plus Ancient Gods Interwoven Into One Of The Most Fascinating And Intriguing Stories Of All Time… The Ancient Alien Theory And The Alternative Story Of The Birth Of Mankind. With Christopher Nolan’s Latest Project ‘Interstellar’, And J.J Abram’s New Installment Of ‘Star Wars’ In Progress, Science Fiction And Space Exploration Will Be The ‘Big Thing’ For The Next Few Years.


PLANET X follows a HyperVelocity Star one of only 1000 in the Galaxy.

It is believed that only 1000 HyperVelociity Stars (HVSs) exist in the Milky Way. Considering that there are around 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, this is a minuscule fraction (~0.000001%).

Illustration #1 - A Hyper Velocity Star

MALCOLM follows along. As he talks, the skylab shows an intense overlay creation of a Hypervelocity Star.

Hypervelocity. It is what it says. It’s fast. I mean we’re not exactly standing still. We’re moving through the universe at something like 40,000 miles an hour... but that’s just... pedestrian. Planets, Solar Systems, Galaxies, we all kind of trundle along, orbiting on a fixed circle, minding our own business, mostly keeping our distance but this guy. Hypervelocity...

They arrive inside the observatory. Inside, the observatory is full of high tech screens, banks of processing computers and a glass ceiling giving a view through to the huge telescope.

From what we’ve discovered, this Star, and all Hypervelocities, they start out as Binary Systems. Two Suns and a bunch of satellites. Planets. Then, they drift too close to a Black Hole and they get sucked in. The supermassive. But sometimes's, very, very rarely these black holes get so big, I mean really really big, that its implodes in on themselves...

(the man gestures with his hands)
...turning black to white. With a complete opposite effect created. The white now fires out matter. A star and solar system in the process.A hypervelocity star. Launched at an incredible s peed. Two million miles per hour to be correct an unknown pathway through the Universe. Nothing can stand in its path... but this one is different...


A tidally locked planet, one side constantly facing its hypervelocity star, the other facing the depths space and in-between, a paradisical climate and land mass called The Golden Banner where the majority of inhabitants live.

Planet X and her Star System are, relative to Earth which is close to extinction. The most immediate concern is that Planet X has begun to drift towards her Star, she follows through space. Currently, this is only known to the ruling class and rival Kings but it won't be long before the rest of the population figures it out. One consequence of this drift is erosion of the Planet's protective atmosphere. The increased heat and radiation is neutralizing Gold trapped in the upper atmosphere. Without the Gold, Planet X is heating up and radiation is increasing to dangerous levels in the Swallow Sands and melting ice caps in the Ice peaks.

The Ice Caps and Swallow Sand are increasingly brutal environments the closer you get to the poles. Each has its own indigenous predators, ferocious creatures adapted to the extremes over a long evolution. Each Kingdom is the primary provider of one of three essential resources for the whole Planet. Each Kingdom cannot survive without the other. The Swallow Sands generate vast amounts of power from solar energy. The Golden Banner provides the technology to create the majority of food and healthy water. The Ice Caps or Ice Plains provide mineral resources; including a rarefied mix essential for the ELIXIR creation when combined with Gold particles which found only in the planet's upper atmosphere inhabited by KING ANU and the Royal floating gardens. This mineral Elixir is in limited supply and is reserved for (and so access to it defines) the Royal Bloodlines. CASSIUS, son of King Anu, will be sent to KI (Earth) in search of Gold, this vital mineral they need to protect their PLANET.


‘Planet X : Gold of the Gods’ rewrites the accepted myths and histories of Earth, including the origin of our species. Along the way, we uncover an epic story of Ancient Aliens and Royal bloodlines.

In 1889, a British archaeologist discovered 12,000 clay tablets from ancient Sumeria, found in modern day Iraq. Once translated they described an epic tale of a highly advanced, humanoid, alien race who lived upon a Planet within a hypervelocity star system, very different to Planet Earth.

There is no economy or currency on Planet X, also known as ISLANDIA, 80% of the humanoid race live 85% of their waking lives within huge computer simulated virtual worlds, the 7th Dimension. KING ANU and his Royal Bloodline living in The Floating Gardens Realm and are the Planetary overlords. The Planet is broken down into Realms, Kingdoms and The Great Houses.

However, all is not well in the HOUSE OF ANU. An intense brotherly rivalry has begun between his sons; Prince ENKIL and CASSIUS for who will supersede their father to the throne. QUEEN LUSKET, the first lady, and ENKIL conspire together to topple ANU. ANU's power is also slowly being weakened by his affection for LILITH in the 8th, known as The Dream Dimension.

However this is just the start of the instability, Planet X's atmosphere has depleted of Gold particles and has become unstable as it is pulled closer to the Sun it follows through the multi-verse, called NUN. The lack of action by ANU and his slowing distribution of ELIXIR, a super stem cell accelerant that creates longevity and immortality, to The Great Houses has caused many to turn against him and The Royal Bloodlines. The Great Houses of the Ice Peaks and the Swallow Sands are on the brink of war.

Bitter enemy, KING IZSIS, ruler of The Ice Peaks Realm - or the dark face - has conspired with an unknown alien species and KING ASHOA of the Swallow Sands to overthrow KING ANU; take control of the ELIXIR production and find a solution for their crumbling atmosphere. A surprise attack on three fronts has been planned during ANU's daughter's Treaty Wedding. Alien species inter-breeding and Treaty Weddings have long since been used throughout the galaxy by The Alliance and Planetary Members of The Accord to maintain peace, however, soon this epoch of galactic peace will be shattered forever.

The scene is set for epic battles with an evil alien civilization hellbent on power, a bitter sibling rivalry inter-cut with a twisted love story and ultimately their invasion of Earth to mine Gold to protect their own Planet approximately 450,000 years ago.


A tidally locked planet, one side constantly facing it's star, the other facing the depths of space and in-between, a paradisical climate. These three regions are defined as Realms. Ice Caps dominate on the dark side of the Planet, Golden Banner in the middle and Swallow Sands facing the Star. The Kingdoms are divided into Great Houses. 6 Houses control the Ice Caps, the Golden Banner is split into many & the Swallow Sands have 4 Houses.

Illustration #2 - RULER: KING ANU



KING ANU's royal court and The Royal Bloodlines of the Royal Floating Gardens issue ELIXIR to the THREE REALMS on PLANET X. Each Realm has its own Overlord or KING. KING ANU, Planetary overlord, rules over the ROYAL FLOATING GARDENS REALM made up of FOUR KINGDOMS; The SKY CITY of ANULA a superior race made from ANU's bloodline; THE FLOATING GARDENS, THE ROYAL COURTS and the all 32 moons and orbiting sky cities known collectively as THE THIRTY TWO. These Four Kingdoms are made up of ONE HOUSE called THE HOUSE OF ANU.

KING ASHOA resides over the SWALLOW SANDS REALM. The SWALLOW SANDS are made up of vast deserted cities covered by tidal waves of huge sand dunes as large as the city's largest skyscrapers. DUNE DWELLERS and SOLAR SOLIDERS make up the small density of its remaining population that manage and run the huge areas of solar cells that power the whole Planet. Huge SWALLOW WORMS have controlled this face of the Planet for millenniums. This Realm is made up of ONE KINGDOM which is split into FOUR HOUSES. One House belongs to the DUNE DWELLERS, another House is governed by the SOLAR SOLIDERS, the largest House is run by the riders of SAND DRAGONS and the final and most dangerous House belong to he SWALLOW WORMS and their breeders.

THE GOLD BANNER REALM is the most inhabited area on ISLANDIA. It is a long, thin stretch of land sandwiched between the desert face of the Swallow Sands and the dark face of the Ice Peaks. This narrow strip of ‘goldilocks’ land and vegetation is where the majority of the inhabitants of ISLANDIA live. This Realm is made up of SIX KINGDOMS including THE LOST CITY OF RINGS, THE CITY OF CHILDREN, GREAT SKY LAKES, THE FORREST OVERLORDS, EASTERN STAR GATES and the ancient city of AZTECA. Each of these KINGDOMS have between 5 - 8 GREAT HOUSES which govern them. 3 of these Kingdoms are run as unofficially Independent Kingdoms which they do their best to conceal from the other Houses and higher authorities.

THE ICE PEAKS REALM is governed by an evil ruler called KING IZISIS, who hasn't been seen for thousands of years and is thought to now belong to the SPIRIT DIMENSION in the 6th. Although, his dark and brutal reputation is still known and feared thoughout the icy plains. His Realm is broken down into THREE KINGDOMS. The first Kingdom is called THE GREAT LAKES and is the passage from THE GOLDEN BANNER into the start of ICE PLAINS. The second Kingdom is called THE GREAT MOAT, a huge area of expansive water which protects the Ice Peaks where KING IZISIS is thought to live. The third Kingdom is BATTLE RIDGE END which KING ANU forces and IZISIS's armies have fought over for thousands of years. SIX GREAT HOUSES are divided across the THREE KINGDOMS of this barren, dark land.


During the endless time PLANET X has followed its Hypervelocity Star, called NUN, through the multi-verses it has discovered a number of new dimensions only speculated upon here on PLANET EARTH.

The SPIRT WORLD is the 7th DIMENSION which also exists on PLANET X, beings from this dimension can materialize and communicate with beings in the 5th DIMENSION here PLANET X exists.

Another dimension that exists and interacts on PLANET X is the 8th DREAM DIMENSION and was discovered by the ROYAL BLOODLINE during month deep hibernation periods of sleep caused by their intense use of the ELIXIR. 80% of humanoid inhabitants spend most of their lives on ISLANDIA living in COMPUTER SIMULATED VIRTUAL WORLD (CSVWs) known as the 6th DIMENSION.

The ENLIGHTENED ONES or THE WATCHERS are in the 9th DIMENSION. As PLANET X and the Royal Bloodline have traveled along "THE PATHWAY" across the galaxy, lead by NUN, they have learnt they are being monitored and watched by unknown lightships or balls of light very similar to the UFO sightings here on EARTH.

The AFTERLIFE is in the 10th DIMENSION and THE UNKNOWN, TIME TRAVEL or PARALLEL MULTI-VERSES are in the 11th DIMENSION; little are known about these dangerous dimensions. Interaction with these dimensions have been outlawed on PLANET X. THE GRAND CREATORS are thought to belong in the 12th DIMENSION.

Only a few of the Royal Bloodline called the Great Worshipers and The Channelers in the CITY OF CHRILDREN have had any communication with this dimension.


There is no currency on PLANET X.

ELIXIR or longevity is the only currency.

80% of humanoid species in the Golden Banner spend 85% of their waking time in Computer Simulated Virtual Worlds or CSVWs, known as the 6th Dimension.

There is, infact, no need to make money at all, technology is so advanced that any material objects, even food, can just be materialized (and eaten) in seconds. Travel is redundant as teleportation has been in effect for an epoch and is, in fact, known as an old means of travel.

Inhabitants of PLANET X now live and travel with their minds in the “Transhumanism Age"- super advanced, life-like virtual reality simulations. Humanoid inhabitants live out a number of different lives in these fantasy Worlds created in vast networks of computer generated environments.

Someone with little wealth on PLANET X can live a life with infinity wealth in one of a number of these Computer Simulated Virtual Worlds (CSVWs). Life within a CSVW is as life-like as their real existence and inhabitants can spend weeks even months connected to a CSVW at one time. If they die in a CSVW they simply restart a new life as a different character or creature in a new World of their choosing.The possibilities for life here are endless. All types of fantasies and reincarnations of life are lived out everyday through these virtual Worlds. And so, real-life has become superseded by multiple lives within the CSVWs where players (and inhabitants) can become anyone or anything.

Possession and consumption of the ELIXIR is now the number one goal for all beings on 'ISLANDIA'. The longer they can live on PLANET X, the longer they can can live out their fantasies in the CSVWs.



Planetary Overlord of "ISLANDIA", he rules from the safety of the Floating Gardens, grand palaces built on rock in geostationary orbit above the Golden Banner.

As King and Planetary Overlord, ANU is ruler of and directly involved with all of the Kingdoms and Houses except 5 in the ICE PEAKS and SWALLOW SANDS. These 5 Houses are allowed to run their own Kingdoms, the affairs of which KING ANU does have the constitutional authority (and weaponry) to control but, for the sake of planetary harmony has long since chosen not too. He may yet live to regret this decision.

KING ANU is first and foremost an elder, an elegant man, of great wisdom, knowledge and statue. He is well respected by his Planet’s people but not by certain members of his royal circle and family and especially not by his eldest son, ENKIL.

ANU's conduct and demeanor is admired by his political and military advisers. His authority is well respected by most. He is well-known and popular across the Planet by most of its species, and often chooses to go down and travel over the lands (across all regions, though most commonly within the Golden Banner) and address the population at grand events or through the 6th Dimension. This King will often travel without armed guards to reinforce his philosophy of peace and demonstrate his love and trust for his people - although, this will lead to a deadly assassination attempt. He is a happy man, the people's King, bestowing blessings and gifts of caring. He has learned (or arranged) that benevolence is a more powerful force than violence. However, his violent history and ever evolving arsenal of 'doomsday' weaponry is as well-known as his kindness. As is his earlier reign of terror. He would argue that his previous methodology was a necessity and that - much like on Earth today - his weaponry is a deterrent to global wars.

However, he is not aware, that all is not well within the Royal Bloodline. Jealousy and ambition flows in the blood of certain Royal family members; like rivers of poison. Especially between two of ANU's sons, ENKIL and CASSIUS. ENKIL believes his father has outstayed his welcome and that he, ENKIL, should be on the Throne and is best equipped to solve the problem of their dying atmosphere.

ENKIL is aware that CASSIUS is more likely to be chosen as King. ENKILS' nature is brutal, sadistic and much like his father once was and his mother continues to be. CASSIUS on the other hand is kind, considerate and much more like the ANU of today.

ANU will cede the throne out of love for LILITH unaware that she has long plotted against him. As does his current 'first lady' and wife, QUEEN LUSKET and an earlier wife, QUEEN LARSKEY. The peace and calm of ANU's reign is about to end.


Daughter of a noble, well respected, highly decorated and thoroughly brutal, ill-tempered Alien Warlord. His violence runs through her blood. Lusket is a Treaty Wife. A Noble in her home land, she is humanoid and would be seen as a great beauty across many humanoid species including those from Planet X. Her planet sent a fleet to attack Planet X, the fleet was repelled but the war continued over many years. As a Treaty Wife she becomes Royalty and allowed Elixir.

The peace brought by Anu leaves her very frustrated, isolated and bored. To alleviate her frustrations she has multiple affairs, including with Senior Heads of Anu's Military. The danger excited her, as did the prospect of being involved with Military decisions. She hoped to manoeuvre hostilities. This backfired when the Commander, in fear of discovery and a death sentence, had her banished from from all Military bases, actions and decisions. This, in turn, tipped her into increasing dangerous and potentially damaging affairs. She pursues brutally sexual relationships with Palace Hybrids, humanoids and beasts engineered into mythological creatures to serve as Palace Guards.

The Hybrids are bred with a violent passion, Lusket takes full advantage of the healing properties of the Elixir to allow her encounters to be frenzied and violent. She still relies on genetically engineered loyalty and restraint or the beasts would rip her apart. She takes great pleasure in high risk adventures with courtiers, servants and entertainers. The higher the risk of discovery the more she takes pleasure. Most dangerously of all, she incestuously pursued and ensnared Cassius. Her and Anu's eldest son, Cassius' inherited propensity to sadism is well served by Lusket's lust for extremes.

In public, Anu and Lusket present a united front. Behind closed doors there are schemes, divisions, jealousy (on both sides, Anu is increasingly besotted with Lillith) and a fury that will soon come to a head.



Bloodlines and Longevity are the driving force of power, everyone wants a genetic connection to the life enhancing properties of the Royal Bloodlines. Such a connection is offered as a boon, often as a reward for exceptional service in the Ice or Sand. The Ice Caps and Sand Mountains are increasingly brutal environments the closer you get to the poles. Each has its own indigenous predators, ferocious creatures adapted to the extremes over a long evolution. Each has an ever shifting landscape offering few permanent landmarks or resting stations, navigation is further complicated by ice and sand storms. Towns and cities are either nomadic or anchored.

(The boon of breeding with a Royal Bloodline enhances longevity for the offspring, who is not considered Royal, but is Favoured. Longer life means progression to an administrative or management role and closer contact with Royalty. However, the acquired longevity diminishes with each generation, the position of Favoured does not last forever. This prevents additions to the powerful Bloodlines and minimises internal conflict).

Fertility and conception on Planet X is more complex than on Earth. Natural conception becoming increasingly rare with longevity. One consequence of this being a tendency to sexual depravity in the Royal Bloodlines with the additional consequence of inter species copulation. Additionally, in efforts to maintain peace with other Solar Systems and Planets, genetic inter breeding is practised.

Planet X is living through an unprecedented period of inter galactic peace. A peace negotiated after many battles and millennia of war with a wide range of Alien Planets. Each war enabled King Anu (the current King of Planet X) to acquire Alien technologies and so develop fearsome weapons.


An ordinary lifespan would run 10 to 15,000 years. However, location is a major factor in lifespan, the Golden Banner affording the longest natural life with the span diminishing the closer a being lives to a pole at the centre of the Ice Caps and the Swallow Sands.

Extended, generational use of the ELIXIR has genetically endowed the Royal Bloodlines with massively extended, inherited Longevity. A pure Blood can expect many thousands of years of healthy life made possible by a generic drug called; "ELIXIR". The mix of minerals and compounds is, amongst other attributes, a stem cell stimulant.

The Elixir massively stimulates the body's healing qualities, users are not indestructible, not quite, their wounds heal much faster. There are damaging side effects for misuse or over use. Dark consequences can be an addiction to pain as a pleasurable stimulant and/or a sadistic propensity to enjoy inflicting pain. CASSIUS, for example has these sadistic, cruel side effects.

Continued use of the Elixir has been refined over many generations. When the body finally rejects the Elixir, ageing is rapid and reflects the total years spent alive, a person's final days can be lived in excruciating pain as the body mummifies, slowly crushing itself to death – withdrawal of the Elixir has been used as a particularly cruel assassination.

However, continued use of the Elixir is needed to trigger maximum Longevity. Ordinarily it will be used in early maturity (the early 20s) suspending the ageing process. Even the oldest of the Bloodlines look no older than their 40s. It inhibits time based triggers leading to the symptoms of old age.

Illustration #6


Enkil is the 9th son of Anu but is known as the most suited (and best qualified) to take the throne after Anu. Anu had Enkil with an Alien Princess, called Anilla, a gift from the highness of Planet "LKKERUS" which they passed forty thousand of years ago. Planet Ikkerus ranks highly for its beauty, culture and highly advanced, peaceful civilization. It ranks above all conquered planets, as such Enkil ranks higher than his birth would ordinarily afford. Added to this is the notion that Enkil possesses the essence of Ikkerus' knowledge, that this is embedded in his DNA and allows him better understanding beyond any other inhabitants of Planet X, especially his Brother and current Queens. Enkil's innate kindness is often seen as a weakness. It is not. His integrity, honesty and wisdom are a great strength. He is isolated from others in the Palace for his refusal to engage with intrigue and conspiracy.

He knows his mother, Anilla - being ANU's favourite - was murdered by one or more wives of Anu, most likely; Lusket. He knows he lives in constant danger, not least from Cassius.

He is reclusive. Spending his time studying star maps and Planet X's 'Pathway' through the Universe. He is always looking for a way to visit, or even return, to his mother's home planet. He is unaware of Cassius' incest with Lusket but painfully aware that she, the Queen, favours Cassius (as her son).

Enkil will be chosen by Anu to be the emissary to Earth in search of the Gold they believe can preserve Planet X.

Illustration #7 - ENKIL FIGHTERS


Cassius is the older brother of Enkil. The natural son of the current Queen Lusket, he comes from a powerful military background. As eldest, he would ordinarily be next in line but...Because his mother is a Treaty Wife, and a Princess in her home world, his brother, Enkil, although younger, was born of a higher ranking wife, so has an equally strong claim. Cassius is the epitome of Alpha male; strong, powerful, handsome, he looks like the perfect future King. The current affair with his mother isn't the only deviance in his character. He has a grim disdain for all but himself and especially towards women. His pleasure demands some form of humiliation or torture made worse by his the side effects of the "ELIXIR" which pulls out his inner demons and deep rooted turmoil and pain.

The root of his disain lies in the Royal Treaties, particularly marriage Treaties and the resultant off spring. He fears the Bloodline is being diluted. He's no longer sure who around him is Pure Blood and who is a mutation or generic Treaty creation.

He considers himself alone, believes his destiny is to be alone, his purpose being to return to his own Pure roots. Which he secretly considers lies away from Planet X on his mother's home planet. Will anyone ever understand him? His one weakness is for his equally deviant mother, the Queen, more accurately, for their incestuous relationship. Each incapable of expressing tender emotion, their sexual relationship has, beneath the brutality and outrage, salvaged an extraordinary bond of loyalty and even love through hatred of the Royals courts.

Illustration #8 - CASSIUS FIGHTERS


Adam Sinclair is a controversial Historian, Archaeologist and Adventurer on a lifelong quest to discover the Ark of the Coveant and other powerful Ancient Artifacts. A huge mystery has grown up around the Ark. He believes it has been the power source behind the rise of the Roman Empire; The French Revolution; the Nazis and today it is the power source behind a secret society, a shadow government, hell bent on a new World Order. The Ark has enormous supernatural power and he now has evidence of its extraterrestrial ancestry. It is the only object that can help mankind against the imminent threat of extinction the World suddenly now faces.

Sinclair’s chase for this secret, ancient knowledge will take us around the World following both the trail of the Ark through history and the sites once used as space ports and homes of the Ancient Alien invaders, the Annunaki. As he travels we intercut and see, in spectacular glory, the history of "Islandia" the Annunaki's home Planet and their domination of Earth, when the Annunaki or "GODS" once ruled. We’ll travel to places as diverse as Iraq, Peru and South Africa. Sinclair quickly learns that, to have any hope of saving our species, we need to understand what began on Earth 250,000 years ago. He starts to understand that what began so long ago, continues, to this day, behind the scenes in every corridor and office of power and influence.

We need to understand that everything Sinclair suspected is true. The Annunaki are coming back and much, much sooner than anyone would think. Which means accepting some difficult truths, truths such as: life is not at all as we know it; we are not who we think we are and everything you ever thought you knew is a lie...

Illustration #9

Adam Sinclair has spent a lifetime pursuing evidence to support (and revise) Zechariah Sitchin’s translation of the Sumerian Tablets.

The tablets are inscribed with a series of scripts in the oldest text known to man, a pictographic text known as Cuneiform. They tell of a Humanoid Alien, an Annunaki called ENKI, his home planet, Planet X Gold of the Gods

Nibiru (also known as Planet X) and the Annunaki invasion of Earth approximately 450,000 years ago.

They also tell of his rival, ENLIL, and the bitter, millennia old disputes they brought with them from Nibiru. More importantly, the Tablets tell all of this within a story that, in one form or another, every major Culture around the world is already very familiar with.

The Sumerian Tablets tell the same story we might know from: the Bible’s Old Testament; the Dead Sea Scrolls; all manner of Myths, Legends and stories from Egypt and India or from stories told of Mount Olympus, or those inscribed into the walls of Mayan Temples.

All of these stories tell of the Creation of Man. They all tell of Gods, Angels, Demons and tell us they have all manner of divine, supernatural powers.

All except the Sumerian Tablets. They tell the same tale but never speak of Gods, only of Annunaki. There are the same ‘miracles’, the same powers and the same events but... there is of divine. Omnipotent, omnipresent master of the universe, there is, instead, a highly evolved, technologically advanced race of humanoid Aliens. The Annunaki.

Anywhere people speak of God or Gods descending to Earth, making Man in their image, they’re talking about the Annunaki. When these same Cultures talk about the Prophesied Return, a Second Coming or an Apocalypse. They’re talking about the Annunaki return.

And when people talk about Apocalypse, it means just one of two things. The end of time for all of us or, at best... the end of everything for most of us. For all but a chosen few. According to Zitchin (and while Sinclair disagrees on the details, he agrees with the overview), the Annunaki left some 6,000 years ago but... they’ve been keeping in touch.

Illustration #10 - Ancient Artifacts


The students all leave, all captivated and entertained. The ‘Suits’ stay behind, waiting for the room to empty. Then they approach Sinclair.

They want to know where Sinclair would start looking for signs that the Annunaki might be making a return. Sinclair makes light of the idea but is wary, he explains he isn’t entirely convinced by Sitchin’s ideas. The ‘Suits’ pick up on the ‘not entirely’.

Sinclair agrees there’s something very compelling in the story.

This is enough for the Suits. One of them opens his briefcase and hands Sinclair what looks like a solid gold cube (about the size of a Rubic’s Cube). The Cube has engravings just like the control panel on Enki’s spaceship.

Sinclair’s eyes widen. He asks permission before handling it. Takes a moment to check the markings, muttering under his breath (translating), raises his eyebrows. “Where was it found?”

Suit - “Nevada.”

Sinclair - “Nevada?” He shakes his head, smiles. “Might explain things. The markings are an attempt at early Sumerian or Mesopotamian Cuneiform... But it’s nothing remotely like any artefact from that time or place. It’s a fake.”

He re-examines the cube. Shakes his head. Offers it back.

Suit - “Do you know what the inscription says?”

Sinclair smiles and points to a section.

Sinclair - “Sippar.”

He explains that Sippar was an ancient Mesopotamian City, close to the city of Babylon, closer to Baghdad. He says it was also the name of an Annunaki spaceport.

Sinclair - “If you stick around I’m about to tell you everything you ever need to know about Sippar, and a whole lot more.”

Then he looks more closely at the Cube. Wipes at the text, then presses, the section indents with a hiss and immediately a holographic map encircles the Cube.

The base of the hologram is flat and reminds of the Babylonian ‘World’ Map, the top section begins with a half globe locating the Babylonian Map on the Earth’s surface, this is then surrounded by a map of the Solar System and beyond with a route laid out by a trail of blinking dots.

Sinclair just stares at the apparition. Until one of the Suits takes the Cube back. Which is when the students start to come back from there break.

Sinclair says he’d like time to examine the Cube properly. The Suits ignore the request, put their hats on and take the Cube back. One Suit says they’ll be in touch, then they leave.

Sinclair, calling after them - “They’re not coming back. It’s too soon!”

Sinclair tries to shrug the encounter off but is left in a state of complete distraction as the room fills up with students wanting the end of his presentation.

Sinclair excuses himself and chases after the Men in Suits.

The planetarium/lecture room is in the British Museum. Sinclair rushes through the Egyptian rooms, and finally out into the entrance courtyard looking for the Suits. There’s no sign of them.

At Sinclair’s stop, the woman follows him into the tunnelled passages that lead to the exit. Despite it being rush hour, Sinclair becomes very aware that they’re now the only two people in the long passage.

It doesn’t bother him until, glancing back, he sees Nina has been joined by several less elegant, more sturdy looking ‘hoodies’ – urban youth with their heads down and an unusual stance. They hold their arms still at their sides, their shoulders hunched forward. Their faces are so obscured in the shadow of their grey hoods that Sinclair only catches glimpses of big, shiny black eyes.

Sinclair quickens his pace but can’t create distance. He starts to run, takes snap decisions to take side passages but still can’t shake off the woman and her guard until... He slides on a sharp turn, catches his balance and makes it to the safety of people and the busy, rush hour station exit.

Breathing heavily, Sinclair passes through the turnstiles, glancing all around there’s no sign of the woman or the ‘hoodies’. He relaxes, leaves the station, turns a corner and walks straight into Nina.

Nina - “Don’t be afraid.”

Sinclair’s retreat is blocked by the ‘hoodies’.

Nina - “We need your help.” She speaks fast telling Sinclair he’ll be contacted by people who will claim to be government agents, who will oblige him to find what she describes only as an ‘Artefact’.

She says he won’t be able to refuse, that he should accept but never trust what they say and never allow them to have the ‘Artefact’. Her final words are “We mean you no harm” then she turns away and leaves so swiftly it’s like she almost disappears.

Sinclair checks behind him, the ‘hoodies’ have also disappeared. He takes a moment before heading home a lot faster than he normally would.

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Ancient Aliens. The Series


an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010 on the History channel.Produced by Prometheus Entertainment, the program presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. The show has been criticized for presenting pseudoscience and pseudohistory.

The series’ de facto pilot was a TV special of the same name that aired on March 8, 2009, on the History channel. Seasons 1–3 aired on the same channel until 2011. Beginning in 2012 with season 4, the series began airing on H2. Season 7 began on H2 in October 2014. On April 10, 2015, new episodes began premiering on the History channel.

In a June 2011 Rolling Stone interview, singer Katy Perry commented that she had become “obsessed” with the show, saying, “When it talks about the sky people, how everyone comes from the sky and how the Pyramids were used for star observations, it’s too much for me. It all seems to connect the dots. It’s blowing my mind.”

In a March 2012 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, actress Megan Fox remarked that she “loved” Ancient Aliens. Ellen agreed the show and its theories were “thought-provoking.”

Ancient Aliens. Series Overview

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The Force: Star Wars Franchise Worth Over $30 Billion and Growing. 24/7 Wall St. has decided to calculate the total value of the Star Wars franchise ahead of the release of the 3D film “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” and while its ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ MMORPG video game is going strong.

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