Reagan: The Movie


A drama based on the life of Ronald Reagan, from his childhood to his time in the oval office. "REAGAN: The Movie" takes viewers on a journey through the life of one of the most consequential men in American history, Ronald Wilson Reagan. From his hometown of Dixon, Illinois, to Hollywood where he became an actor and President of the Screen Actors Guild, to Sacramento and on to Washington DC… See Full Story

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  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Yasuhiro Nakasone

    Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009) | Planet of the Apes (2001)

  • David Henrie

    David Henrie as young Ronald Reagan

    Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012) | Arrietty (2010)

  • John Malkovich

    John Malkovich as Viktor Pertovich (KGB agent)

    Dangerous Liaisons (1988) | Being John Malkovich (1999)

  • Jon Voight

    Jon Voight as George P. Shultz

    Mission: Impossible (1996) | Heat (1995)

  • Robert Davi

    Robert Davi as Leonid Brezhnev

    Die Hard (1988) | Licence to Kill (1989)


A drama based on the life of Ronald Reagan, from his childhood to his time in the oval office.


"REAGAN: The Movie" takes viewers on a journey through the life of one of the most consequential men in American history, Ronald Wilson Reagan. From his hometown of Dixon, Illinois, to Hollywood where he became an actor and President of the Screen Actors Guild, to Sacramento and on to Washington DC where he led a revolution for the things he believed in, REAGAN follows the life of an ordinary man with extraordinary vision who accomplished extraordinary things.

When asked in a recent poll to rate American Presidents, 18% of Americans chose Ronald Wilson Reagan as the best President the nation has ever had, 16% chose John F. Kennedy and 14% selected Abraham Lincoln. Another poll asked Americans to rate their favorite American of all time and 24% chose Ronald Reagan. Although viewed favorably today by large majorities, during his time in office he was a divisive figure, both widely admired and loathed, mocked by one Washington insider as an amiable dunce.

Book: God & Roland Reagan Book: The Crusader

Today, Ronald Reagan transcends politics and has reached iconic status. He is no longer Ronald Reagan, actor-turned-politician, but an American icon, revered by many. REAGAN: The Movie, based on two biographies of Reagan by historian Paul Kengor, The Crusader and God & Ronald Reagan, will take viewers on the journey of a lifetime as they follow the All-American story of the boy from Dixon, Illinois who grew up to be President and changed a nation and the world.

Reagan's story is told through the unique voice of the Viktor, the KGB agent (a composite character based on real events) who closely followed Reagan since his days in Hollywood as an anti-Communist crusader. The film begins with an aging Viktor, now 90 years old, being visited by a young Russian leader who wants to know how the Soviet Union was lost. Viktor, the spy who known everything there is to know about Reagan, begins recounting the tab of his great adversary: the man the KGB nicknamed "The Crusader", beginning in 1922 when 11-year old Roland Reagan goes through his first life crisis.

From the classroom to the Oval Office, we will grow with the man until the day he is shot. We will then witness his renewed faith, and see it in action as he plants the seeds that will bring an Evil Empire to its knees and allow him to triumph over tyranny without firing a single shot.

Ronald Reagan


Roland Reagan

  • Dennis Quaid — Best known for Legion; G.I. Joe; Smart People; American Dreamz; The Day After Tomorrow; The Parent Trap; The Rookie
  • Kyle Chandler — Best known for Friday Night Lights; The Day the Earth Stood Still; King Kong; The Kingdom; Morning Edition
  • James Marsden — Best known for The Box; X-Men; Superman Returns; The Notebook; Enchanted; 27 Dresses; Ally McBeal
  • Jim Caviezel — Best known for The Passion of the Christ; Bobby Jones; Count of Monte Cristo; Pay It Forward; The Thin Red Line; Angel Eyes
  • Tom Selleck — Best known for Reagan's Law; Boston Legal; Friends; The Love Letter
  • Armie Hammer — Best known for Billy: The Early Years; Gossip Girl; 2081; Reaper

Nancy Reagan

  • Janine Turner — Best known for Leave it to Beaver; Cliffhanger; Northern Exposure
  • Reese Witherspoon — Best known for Walk the Line; Sweet Home Alabama; Legally Blonde; Rendition; Four Christmases
  • Patricia Heaton — Best known for Everybody Love Raymond; Back to You; The Middle
  • Ally Sheedy — Best known for The Breakfast Club; St. Elmo's Fire; X-Men: Apocalypse
  • Michelle Pfeiffer — Best known for Dangerous Minds; What Lies Beneath; Tequila Sunrise; Scarface
  • Renee Zellweger — Best known for Jerry McGuire; Bridget Jones's Diary; Cold Mountain; Chicago
  • Jenn Gotzon — Best known for Frost/Nixon; Stained; Role Models; (500) Days of Sumer; Hulk


Mark Joseph, Producer. Mark brings his extensive experience in filmmaking to Reagan as lead producer. His most recent production, Doonby, starring John Schneider and Robert Davi releases in 2011. Mark has been involved in the development and/or marketing of 21 feature films and his campaigns have included The Chronicles of Narnia, Ray, Holes and The Passion of The Christ for which he produced the inspired by soundtrack.

Ralph Winter, Producer. Ralph Winter is an industry veteran with over $2b in film performance having been a producer on the Star Trek and X-Men series. His last film X-Men Origins: Wolverine grossed over $370M worldwide. He is a popular speaker at industry events such as Comi-Con and college campuses.

Howard A. Klausner, Screenwriter. Howard A. Klausner is a twenty-year veteran screenwriter, author and filmmaker. His writing credits include Space Cowboys, The Last Ride, and The Grace Card.

Jonas McCord, Screenwriter. Jonas McCord has won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Peabody award for his work in film as a writer/director. He wrote the award-winning film Malice, and directed another award-winning film, The Body, starring Antonio Banderas.

Movie Budget WW
Box Office
Lincoln (2012)

Lincoln (2012)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, History, War

Won 2 Oscars. Another 108 wins & 242 nominations

$65.0M $275.3M
JFK (1991)

JFK (1991)IMDB Link

Drama, History, Thriller

Won 2 Oscars. Another 16 wins & 25 nominations

$40.0M $205.4M
J. Edgar (2011)

J. Edgar (2011)IMDB Link

Biography, Crime, Drama

Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 5 wins & 16 nominations

$35.0M $84.6M
A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A Beautiful Mind (2001)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, Romance

Won 4 Oscars. Another 33 wins & 63 nominations

$58.0M $317.7M
Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Catch Me If You Can (2002)IMDB Link

Biography, Crime, Drama

Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 11 wins & 39 nominations

$52.0M $355.6M
The Passion of the Christ (2004)

The Passion of the Christ (2004)IMDB Link


Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 25 wins & 20 nominations

$30.0M $622.4M
Ray (2004)

Ray (2004)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, Music

Won 2 Oscars. Another 52 wins & 51 nominations

$40.0M $124.7M
The Aviator (2004)

The Aviator (2004)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama

Won 5 Oscars. Another 74 wins & 115 nominations

$110.0M $213.7M
The Queen (2006)

The Queen (2006)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama

Won 1 Oscar. Another 90 wins & 92 nominations

$9.8M $128.9M
Cinderella Man (2005)

Cinderella Man (2005)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, Sport

Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 16 wins & 40 nominations

$88.0M $108.5M
Walk the Line (2005)

Walk the Line (2005)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, Music, Romance

Won 1 Oscar. Another 44 wins & 43 nominations

$28.0M $187.7M
W. (2008)

W. (2008)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, History

1 win & 7 nominations

$25.1M $29.5M
Amelia (2009)

Amelia (2009)IMDB Link

Adventure, Biography, Drama, Romance

3 wins & 4 nominations

$40.0M $19.8M
The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side (2009)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, Sport

Won 1 Oscar. Another 7 wins & 29 nominations

$29.0M $309.2M
Invictus (2009)

Invictus (2009)IMDB Link

Biography, Drama, History, Sport

Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 33 nominations

$60.0M $124.5M

The project is seeking $30mm in production financing, having already secured development financing and a letter of intent for $30mm to cover advertising and distribution expenditures. The production has obtained two letters of intent from distribution companies to distribute the film in theatres in North America. The production is also planning on shooting the film in the state of Michigan which offers a substantial tax rebate on qualified expenditures which is estimated to be over $5mm on the production.

The film will take advantage of current Hollywood studio infrastructure while conducting an innovative marketing and advertising campaign. The film is planned to release on at least 2,000 screens domestically. The film will be marketed to mainstream movie audiences along with a significant grassroots push into the faith & value market.

With this film, we intend to follow up on the success of three films:

1. Lincoln (2012), a film about another popular Presidential icon:

  • Produced for an estimated $65 Million
  • Gross Box Office to-date over $275 Million worldwide

2. JFK (1991), a film about President John F. Kennedy:

  • Produced for an estimated $40 Million
  • Gross Box Office to-date over $205 Million worldwide

3. J. Edgar (2011), a film focusing on the career of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover:

  • Produced for an estimated $35 Million
  • Gross Box Office to-date over $84 Million worldwide

The foregoing sales do not include a host of other revenue sources, including DVD and On-Demand sales.


While creating a world-class is essential to the overall success of any film project, an often overlooked cornerstone is proper distribution. Filmmakers will often focus only on the film production without paying the necessary attention to marketing an distributing teh film. Although the digital domain has heavily impacted the film industry, particularly through Video On Demand and digital sales, there is still a mature framework for marketing and distributing feature films. This framework can be broken into five essential revenue windows: Theatrical, Home Entertainment, Television, Ancillary and Foreign Sales.

Theatrical. The plan for Reagan is to open on more than 2,000 screens with the appropriate amount of general and grassroots marketing to support the initial release. The marketing & advertising campaign will be focused on building film awareness in the months and weeks leading up to the release of the film in theatres. Approximately 80% of the entire marketing and distribution budget for the film will be spent in that time with some maintenance advertising and a separate campaign for the Home Entertainment release.

Home Entertainment. The financial engine behind the film business continues to be the home entertainment segment which is comprised of retail sell-through, video rental, Video on Demand (VOD) and digital. Typically the Home Entertainment revenue window has been responsible for 80% of all of film profits in the last 10 years. Traditionally, the Home Entertainment window has followed the Theatrical window by 120 days. However, Disney recently moved to compress this window to under 90 days, attempting to take advantage of the large theatrical marketing campaign.

Retail DVD sales, commonly referred tp in the industry as "sell-through", still accounts for the majority of Home Entertainment with over $20b in annual sales. The average wholesale price for a new release is $12.00 with the title following the pricing decay curve over the next year.

An additional segment of the Home Entertainment window is Video Rental, which represents over $8b in revenue.

Growing segments are digital downloads, via outlets such as iTunes, and Video On Demand, as more cable providers offer the service. The convenience aspect along with long term consumer shifts towards portable digital entertainment will fuel the growth of this segment over the next five years.

Television. The Television window, especially cable, remains an important outlet and revenue stream for films.

Ancillary. Through the travel industry, such as airlines and cruise ships increasing entertainment options, the Ancillary window has grown in importance. This window usually follows the Home Entertainment timeline releasing day & date together. An important ancillary opportunity for Reagan will be screenings licenses to churches and political groups. The film Facing the Giants enjoyed a second life outside of the theaters with over 8,000 churches paying an average licensing fee of $99.99 to screen the film as part of the family cinema night. Not only did this become a significant revenue stream but also a major retail outlet as it reportedly accounted for 25% of the film's DVD sales.


Reagan is a film with strong box office potential because its message will be appreciated by member sof all political ideologies and/or faith traditions; however, it will have special appeal to political conservatives, who admire Reagan's policies, and devout Christians, who will appreciate Reagan's Christian upbringing and devout faith. By tapping into the faith-based marketplace, we will be traveling teh same terrain that brought success to films like The Passion of the Christ, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, Fireproof and 2016: Obama's America.

While Reagan will have broad, mainstream appeal, it also has the power to communicate something entirely different to traditionalists who consider themselves to be churchgoing, conservative, evangelical or born-again Christians. To this group, which constitutes 47% of the U.S. populace according to Gallup, Ronald Reagan is a welcome reminder of what they already known to be true.

Target Audience

  1. Typical mainstream movie-goer - reached trough traditional studio methods
  2. Those with strong political views and conservative Christians eager to have their faith affirmed
  3. Mainline Christians, political centrists, and independents who have neither great affection nor great hatred for Reagan
  4. Bi-partisan outreach to political leaders

"Making Reagan" Reality Show

In addition to the above, a reality show miniseries documenting the making of Reagan will air during the months leading up to the release of the film. Making Reagan will be a reality show like no other: a weekly 30-minute program following producer Mark Joseph and the production and marketing team as they travel the country, meeting with officials and friends who worked for and knew Roland Reagan, negotiating deals for the film, planning and executing its unique marketing strategy, hiring cast members, and finally screening the film for thousands of opinion leaders.

Each episode will bring viewers inside the executive room, take them on the road with the marketing team, and allow them to sort through headshots with the casting agency and hang out with cast and crew as the cameras roll, Making Reagan will be an inside look at how films are really made, taking viewers alongside the Reagan learn as they navigate the existing but uncertain waters of making a film about a great American hero all the way from the beginning of the production until the red carpet rolls out at the premiere.


Reagan provides the opportunity to energize millions of Americans who either don't attend movies or don't know that there are movies which align with their values. By initially working quietly, under the radar, and away from the mainstream press, we have the opportunity to energize and develop a new audience that will give a film a high profile. It should be noted that reaching people of faith with news about Reagan is not the end goal but the first step to gaining wide appeal for the film. A film cannot stand in the marketplace with just faith-based support; it needs to be able to cut in the mainstream market as well. The faith & values market, although significant, should be considered one place of the puzzle to marketing Reagan franchise successful. Chariots fo Fire is a good example of a film which accomplished the task of winning the respect of both the mainstream culture and the faith-based audience. Reagan can reach and hold the same audience in a similar fashion.

Film Locations

  • Atlanta
  • Georgia