Gregg Jacobson

Gregg Jacobson

  • IP Development

Greg Jacobson has had a extensive career in multiple aspects of film Production and Development. Gregg was the VP of development at Radical Studios where he added in developing original IP from Comics into major feature film tent poles such as "Oblivion" (120 million budget, Universal) directed by Joseph Kosinski and staring Tom Cruise. Also assisting with ushering Radicals very own "Hercules" from print to the screen. Hercules (100 million, MGM) directed by Brett Ratner and staring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

In addition, Jacobsons has been the head of business development at Made Olive studios. MOS is a independent film scoring house working of such projects as Dream Works, "How to Train a Dragon", Sony's "The Maze Runner" and next up Marvels very "Daredevil" original series for Netflix.

Last but not least Jacobson is currently still working as a independent consultant with Hydraulx studio. Hydraulx studio is the visual effects house behind some of your largest films such as "Avatar", "The Avengers", "300", "Iron man", and "Captain America" to name a few.

Movie Budget WW
Box Office
Hercules (2014)

Hercules (2014)IMDB Link

Action, Adventure

2 nominations

$100.0M $244.8M
Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion (2013)IMDB Link

Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi

13 nominations

$120.0M $287.9M