How It Works: For Filmmakers

Submitting your project

Please provide as many details as possible. The more details, the more attractive the project looks which increases the chances of interested investors. Factors that go a long way include an intro video, a detailed investment and finance package, including similar movies, ROI, financial analyses (our team can help with this). Last but not least, a strong creative package is essential, including a well-written synopsis, cast wish list, production crew and more details. Please do let us know of any details you wish to remain private.

Film budgets

Filmmakers are able to request pre-production funding from Movie Investor for the following: above the line and below the line film budgets, write, edit or re-write scripts, and help develop investment or finance packages.
Above the line = Talent, cast, principal crew, director & producer’s fees.
Below the line = Film production costs, such as locations, catering, accommodation, stock, equipment, deliverables.

Attach talent

We have built a strong network of key casting directors, producers and directors in Hollywood which allows us to help attract talent and actors for film projects. Our team of industry experts and advisors can help from start to finish, from contacting talent agents, negotiating salaries, attaching the talent, and obtaining contacts.

Tax breaks & soft money

Through government film grants, tax breaks and soft money, films are able to raise potentially over 30% of the film’s budget. This saves a lot of money and also is able to generate tax savings for investors.

Product placement financing

Another method of adding to the movie’s budget is through product placement. For example, ‘Minority Report’ received $20 million from Lexus, Bulgari and American Express. Other than financial contributions, in-kind contributions can also be made, such as computers or cars.

Negative pickup deals

A negative pickup deal is when a studio agrees to purchase a movie from the producer at a future date and a fixed amount. In most cases, the producer will have a bank or lender to provide a loan against the value of the negative pickup contract as a way to shore up their financing package of the film, referred to as “factoring paper”.

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Film Funding for Filmmakers

Independent film companies and other film fund seekers might find it difficult to fund their films. That is because before a film is made, there is no money to work with. That is why film funding companies like Movie Investor have become the way to create movie fund drives. Those looking for documentary film funding or other film funding, you can find it with Movie Investor.

UK film funding and film funding for other countries starts with making sure that you have all of the basics for your film put in place. You want to have a revised script, a goal for funding, a financial analysis, and a list of movies similar to yours. Having all of this information set up beforehand makes the process of seeking short film funding much easier.

When you set up on your profile on websites for film funding companies you will be asked a lot of information. The more information that you provide, the more potential investors will be attracted to the movie fund. Movie funding isn’t only about attracting investors, you need to convince them through profiles on websites for film funding companies.

What Does Movie Investor Do For Filmmakers Looking For Film Funding

Movie Investor works by providing short film funds and other film funds a place to display their film all together to bring in attention. Having short film funding and other films listed in one place makes it easier for potential investors to find you. When it is easier, investors are happier.

The page that you set up on Movie Investor also allows you to easily provide all of the information that your short film funding and other film funding investors will want to know. You can easily update your listing with new information to provide them enticing information. It also allows the investors to see how much money has been invested in your film. The more money that other people have been willing to invest, the more likely a new investor is to invest.

We at Movie Investor also handle the initial contact with the investors. An investor starts by letting us know their interest in movie funding. Short film funds and other movie funds require that you know that your investor can make their pledge, that is why we run a background check on all investors. This check is to make sure that they have the funds they are promising and that they don’t have a history of backing out of funding at the last minute.

After we have checked the investor out we will speak with them about their desire to invest. We are not trying to discourage them from investing but we want them to make the investment that is right for them. The last thing you want is someone who has contributed to your short film fund being unhappy. Unhappy investors are never fun to deal with.

The last step is that we put the investor in contact with you or the movie fund attorney that you choose to handle your account. This is the stage when the exact investment amount is set and investment paperwork is signed. After all of that is done Movie Investor will update the film funding profile so that your page accurately reflects how much has been invested.

What Filmmakers Need To Know About Film Funding

The process of UK film funding, like any other film fund, isn't instantaneous and simple. There is a lot of work to be done and it takes time to get enough hype to reach your funding goals. That being said, it is more than possible to get the film fund that you need to make your project come true. The more work that you put into short film funds and creating the movie fund in general, the better your return will be. That is how to get funding for a movie, good work that inspires others.

Whenever there is a change made to your movie whether it is a synopsis edit or getting another cast member signed, make sure to update your funding page. This allows you to bring in more potential investors. It also helps to keep your current investors satisfied.