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Planet X: Gold of the Gods

A truly epic science fiction, fantasy, adventure movie with spectacular interplanetary, deep space exploration.

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Becoming one of the many film financiers can change your financial world. There are a lot of different options out there but every film finance opportunity provides you with the chance to earn extra money for your personal life or your business. Here is some of the movie financing information that you need to know before you start independent film financing.

What is Film Financing?

Film financing is the process of backing a movie production through film finance companies, often times these companies are independent film financing companies. The process of becoming one of many movie financiers around the world doesn’t just help you make a movie possible, it earns you money and many other benefits. For years film financing was available only to those with a know in the industry.

How is Film Financing Beneficial?

Film finances are hard to come by and that is why film finance companies exist, to help movies become a reality. Film financiers benefit because they are the first people to be paid when a movie starts to earn money. After a movie has had their film financiers paid off they split all of the movie profit between the movie financiers and the production company. The payment for actors and crew come out of the production company’s income.

There are other benefits to film financing, though. One of the most notable is going to private screenings and the red carpet premiere. You can negotiate a large number of other benefits too, depending on the production company and the amount of your investment. Here are some other benefits you can negotiate:

  • Set visits
  • Cast and crew meets
  • Background roles
  • Movie input
  • Special movie promotional material

Why Use Movie Investor?

There are a handful of film financing companies out there, so what makes Movie Investor so special? Movie investor is staffed with some of the most top-notch staff members. They have the training and education needed to provide movie investors with the opportunities that they need. The movie selection for investment is always being updated on Movie Investor. We create connections with each production team that wants to advertise their movie on our website so that we can connect the right investors with the right film options. This allows for better deals for you, the investor.

What Kind of Movies Can You Invest In?

Movie Investor and other movie investment companies out there allow you to invest in a wide range of movie opportunities. Just about every movie out there today has some form of investors backing it. Because independent movies are made by smaller studios or individuals they are some of the most heavily financed of productions.

Every genre and type of film involves movie financiers. That means that you can choose the most popular current movie genre out there, from science fiction to fantasy to thriller. Even dramas.

How Do You Invest in A Movie?

The movie investment process starts by finding a film finance company like Movie Investor. Once you have found the company that you want to work with you look for a film that you want to invest in. It is always good to do research on every part of the film so that you know what you are getting into. After you have researched all of the possible information that you can find you contact Movie Investor and they will run a background check on behalf of the production company. As long as the background check comes back positive you will be put in touch with the with the production company and its attorneys.

What You Need To Know About Movie Investing

Becoming a film financier isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It involves becoming an actual investor, you have to do your research and learn about the industry. The process of investing in a movie also isn’t instantaneous, it takes time for the process to work as you usually invest before any of the major work has been started on the movie.

It is also important to note that investing in movies isn't always a sure-fire thing. Just like any other investment opportunity film investing can go wrong. The movie quality can be poor and the economy can go down. Investing in a movie has lower risk though because no matter what happens, people always want to see movies on the big screen. Still, it is always a good idea to not keep all of your eggs in one basket and diversify your portfolio.