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Movie Investor is a ground-breaking platform dedicated to bringing visions and ideas to the big screen. We welcome filmmakers to submit their projects and investors to browse our ever expanding library of movies.

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Movie Investor

Movie Investor is the website where film investors and film makers connect. Using a crowd funding like setup, film makers have a new option for gaining film finance for their movies. This also allows new and old film investors to easily look through the movies that are looking for film funding. We work with some of the biggest film financing companies and film investors to help more great movies be created.

Our team is made up of Hollywood producers, so we have a great knowledge about the film industry. For decades, film makers were spending most of their time trying to get one of the film financing companies to fund their projects. This almost led to some of the biggest movies like Star Wars and back to the Future not to be created. However, with the internet and crowdfunding, the general public can now become film investors. This has allowed for many more specialised movies to be created in just the past 5 years. Movie Investor’s aim is to make film investment easier by having only films on this crowd funding website.

We can also provide film makers and film investors with sound investment advice. This advice can be about what genres and topics for movies that make are best to invest, to helping film makers find actors and crew members.

About MovieInvestor

MovieInvestor is a ground-breaking platform for film financing that helps many independent films be produced. Movie Investor allows anyone to be a part of film financing. There is the option on Movie Investor for film makers to submit their projects, and hopefully, have their film financed by the film financiers that are on the site.

Movie Investor helps protect film financiers, by allowing the filmmaker to submit the film’s budget. This allows film financiers to know where their money is being used, and why the amount of needed film financing is required. Showing what the film finances are going to be is an important step for filmmakers because more movie financiers are likely to invest in a film after knowing where the money will be spent.

Movie Investor is also great for film investors, because there is a huge range of films looking for film financing companies and private film investors to fund their films. Film financing companies are some of the larger film investors, on the platform, but more private film investors are providing large amounts of film funding on Movie Investor.

Bringing film financing companies, private film investors, the public, and filmmakers together on one website, helps the whole film industry. This helps many film makers answer the question of how to get funding for a movie, and allows everyone to become movie financiers.

Benefits of Using Movie Investor

Film finance has changed a lot in the last five years. Today, it is not just large film financing companies that are investing in the film making process. There are now many small film investors. These film investors allow many more unique films to be made than would have been in the past. Movie Investor allows all sizes of film investors and film financing companies to connect with film makers who are looking for film funding. This allows film makers to have their dream projects receive film finance sooner. In the past, these dream productions would be put on hold until the time that the film maker had managed to save up enough to cover the film financing them. Today, film makers have the freedom to put their ideas out there and allow the public to decide if they want to fund the movie.

Helping with Film Finance

With Hollywood creating larger and larger movies that have huge amounts of film funding behind them, more people are looking to add film investment to their portfolio. However, with Hollywood and many films financing companies looking at larger films, it can be hard to find independent film financing and short film funding. Overall, movie financing from traditional places is becoming smaller and harder to find.

Thankfully, crowd funding websites like Movie Investor and The MovieFund have opened two new options for UK film funding. Film funding UK has always been lower compared to film finance offered in countries like the United States. The move to crowd funding and more people becoming film investors was bound to happen. Film investors pick the films that they want to see, not what Hollywood thinks people want to see. Independent film financing companies have made changes to the movie world, like the increased amount of found footage horror films. Providing film funding to the movies that you like can force larger companies to see that there is an audience for that type of movie.

What Is Film Finance?

Film finance is the money that backs a whole movie production. Film Finance can be provided by film financing companies, independent film financing companies, film investors, or film financiers. For a long time, the only option for film financing was film financing companies. However, crowd funding has increased the amount of film investors who are in the world. Being one of the many film investors around the world allows more movies that you want to see are produced; it can also earn you money and other benefits. The benefits you receive will depend on the amount of money that you provide for the film finance and the film that you are investing in.

How is Film Funding Beneficial?

Receiving film funding from traditional means like film financing companies, and banks has become more difficult in recent years. This difficulty is why film finance companies exist. Film finance companies help more films be created and released. Film investors benefit from providing film finance, as they are one of the first people to get paid after the movie’s release and it starts to make money. After the debts are paid off, the money that is earned by the movie will be split between the movie financiers and the movie’s production company. The pay for the crew and the actors will come out of the company’s income.

The money that is earned from the investment of the film finance is not the only benefit that film investors receive. The most common benefits are a private screening, and being invited to the red carpet premiere of the movie. Depending on the money, and the amount of the film investment is to the movie finance, you could negotiate or receive many other benefits from being an investor. Some of the benefits that film investors can receive include visits to the set, meetings with the actors and the crew, movie input, special promotional items, and even a background role in the movie. There are many other benefits that have been given to film investors. So, you should speak with the film maker about the bonuses that a large amount of film finance support provides you with.

What Types of Movies Need Film Finance?

All types of movies need some amount of film finance. Every movie today has a type of investor who has provided much of the film finance. Movie Investor and other companies like The Movie Fund allow movies of all kinds to be posted. This allows you to provide film financing for various types of movies. Short film funding and documentary film funding is two of the most common types of film financing provided by crowd funding film finance.

However, more independent film makers are getting independent film financing using online film finance options like Movie Investor. This means that film investors can pick from the most popular genre right now, or back the type of movies that they want to see. The options are limitless, so you can pick the type of film that you think will make money or movies that you want to see on the big screens.

How Can You Become Film Investors?

It is not hard to join the many film investors and film financing companies. The process of film investment starts by signing up to work with film financing companies like Movie Investor. Once you have signed up, you can start researching the films listed on Movie Investor that are looking for film finance from film investors. You should take your time to research every detail about the films that you may want to invest in. This allows you to make better decisions about your film finance investments.

Once you have selected the film investment that you want to make, after doing research, you can contact Movie Investor about the film investment that you want to make. A background check will be done before the production company is contacted, to ensure that you can make the film investment as stated. As long as the background check comes back positive, you will be put in contact with the movie’s production company and their lawyers.

What You Should Know About Film Finance?

Film investment is not a scheme to become rich in a short amount time. The most successful film investors treat their investments like any other investor would. They take the time to learn the film industry and to research all their film investment options before making any new investments. This means that most film investors are researching a movie long before the major work on the movie has started. This has led to film investors learning what movie ideas are going to work, and the concepts that they should avoid by using their gut feeling.

One of the important things to note about film investment is that it is not always going to bring you a lot of money. Like other types of investments, there are film investments that go wrong. This can be due to the movie itself not being good, the economy being in a down turn, or it has a bad release date. However, film investment is still a great option, because even if the movie is bad, people will go see the movie. There is also the chance that a really bad movie will turn into a cult hit. It is recommended that you do not stick to one genre of movie, and diversify your film investment portfolio. This will increase your chances of becoming one of the successful film investors.

What Film Makers Need To Know About Film Finance?

Getting UK film funding is not a simple task. There is a lot work needed to receive film financing. You need to get people hyped about your film, so you can reach your film finance goal. There are will be times that the film is not what film investors are looking for. However, it is very possible to get the film finance that you need to create your film. This could mean that you are working with many smaller film investors to raise the money.

Most film investors prefer to work with a person or company that has produced films in the past, even if they have been short films. This shows off your style, and that you know what you are doing. Having a short script written, or having cast members signed can also help get your film finance raised. This means that you should keep your funding pages up to date.

How to Get Funding For a Movie?

Many film makers spend hours on end trying to answer the question of how to get funding for a movie? In the past, UK film funding was hard to get for documentary film funding and short film funding. Crowd funding has made it easier to find independent film financing. However, sites like The Movie Fund and Kickstarter makes hard for film makers to great film funding UK. Movie Investor is designed to make finding film funding UK simple because we help connect film makers with film financing companies, film finances inc and film investors who are likely to provide film funding.

What Should You Do Before Making A Film Investment?

Before making a film investment, you should take the time to fully research the movies that you are thinking about providing film finance for. Large film financing companies have lists of filmmakers and ideas that they prefer to provide short film funding for. Independent film financing is about picking good ideas, which comes good film makers. There will be times that you are not going to know about the people behind the movie. Doing your research can help you find information about the film maker and producer.

You should read the script or synopsis before you make a film investment. Many film investors can tell how a movie is going to perform based on the script. However, this is not the only thing that film investors look at. The actors that are in a film can great effect how a film will do at the box office.

Where Does The Money From Film Finance Go?

Film finance is about paying for the cost of the movie. While budgets are used, there will be times that a movie needs more film funding than what was originally planned for. Many times, the film maker will go to film financing companies to ask for more money or will take out a loan to cover the extra cost. The money will go to writing, filming, editing, and releasing the movie.

After the movie is released, the money that is left over from the film financing, and the money the film brings in, is to pay off any debts. Then the film investors and the film financing companies are paid as agreed on in their contracts. This means that being a part of a movie’s film investors’ means that you are paid back sooner. Once all the debts are paid off, the rest of the film finance is split between the producer and the people who provide the film financing. The film’s staff payment will come out of the money that the producer gets, so film investors do not split their money with any of the staff or stars.

What Do Film Investors Do?

The role of film investors is as an intermediary and will depend on the type of film investment you are making. Movie Investor helps connect film investors and film makers. We make sure that all of our film investors can make the film investment before film investors connect with the film makers. This protects both parties. The film investors then contact the film maker, and speak about the role of the film investors and the amount of film finance that is needed. Understanding what your role is as one of the film investors is important. Some film makers, want no interaction with the film investors, while others will work heavily with their film investors. What works the best for you will depend on the amount of work that you want to go in your film investment.

If film investment sounds interesting and right for you, you should sign up with Movie Investor because there are always new movies looking for film financing. Movie Investor makes it simple to become one of the many film financiers who are providing UK film funding. Movie Investor is the largest platform for UK film funding. Movie Investor is becoming The Movie Fund of the UK.