How It Works: For Investors

Movie investment perks

Besides the potential financial rewards of film investment, investors are treated to VIP tickets for film festival screenings, promotional parties and prestigious red carpet premieres. Naturally, investors will be more involved (to varying degrees) in the film production process and get to interact with the producers, directors and cast.

Large selection of projects

Our slate of movies is ever-growing, and we don’t see it slowing down. From smaller scale indie movies to high budget potential blockbuster franchises, we are confident that there is interesting projects for every investor.

Creating your film slate

You can select multiple movies (or a ‘slate’ of movies) to invest in. This diversifies your investment and protects you more while increasing your chances of a hit. Not all our movies are displayed, so please contact us for full details and we’ll send you everything you need to make a sound investment decision.

Customer service and financial advisors

Using a multitude of factors, we evaluate the potential success and ROI of our movie projects. Factors include movies in the same genre, with similar scope and Box Office, attached actors, DVD revenues and more. We work with top financial advisors and lawyers, so we can ensure potential investors they’ll be getting meaningful advice.

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Movie Investing For Film Investors

There are a lot of different ways to invest your money in today’s modern world. One of the best investments you can make is to invest in movies. Film investors have the ability to earn a lot of money based on the movie they invest in and the amount they invest. Thinking about becoming a movie investor? Here are some details.

What Do You Need To Become A Movie Investor?

Becoming a movie investor isn’t a hard process. The biggest thing that you need is money. You will want to have enough money that you have some left over after your investment. It is never a good idea to put all of your money in one investment. Most movie investments are for several hundred thousand dollars to upwards of a million dollars depending on the person investing and the requirements of the movie.

It isn’t required but it helps to have a good understanding of how a movie is produced and what an audience is looking for in a movie. This helps you to better judge whether a movie will make it or not. Information on movie production can be learned for free, though.

What To Do Before Investing?

Before you invest in a movie you should do thorough research on the movie and the people behind it. Read through our page and look at who will be involved in the production of the movie. The better known the producer the more information that you can find about them. A good reputation of production will make any movie investor, even independent film investors, feel better about their investment.

The next step of film investment is to read through the synopsis and read whatever amount of the script is available to film investors. Movie investors can get an idea of how well a movie will sell based off of the script. It is cautioned to anyone who wants to be film angel investors that they do not rely on this solely, though. What actors will play in the film investment can also have a swing on how well movie investors will do.

Where Does Movie Investment Money Go?

Your movie has been produced and sold, now where is all of the money going to go? For the typical movie, the first income will go towards paying off the investors and any debts that were incurred during the creation of the movie. That means that you get paid back first.

After all of the debts and film angel investors have been paid back, the money is typically split between all parties involved and the producer. All of the film staff's profit comes out of the producer's budget so investors don’t need to worry about splitting their money with the stars or staff.

What Does Movie Investor Do?

The role of movie investor is that of intermediary. Our website functions as a way for film investors and filmmakers to connect with each other. On the Movies section of our website, you can see all of the movies that we currently have available to invest in. Each movie has information gathered about it such as the production team, a synopsis, lead actors, requested budget, and more.

Once a user finds an investment that they want they contact us through a form and we reach out to the potential investor. We run a small background before a person can invest in movies so that we know they can make the level of film investment that they are offering. Once this is done we speak with the person to ensure that they are as well-informed as they can be.

The final step in the process is to put the future investor in touch with the film's lawyers or business people in order to have you work out a film investment that works for both parties. After being placed in touch with the film team you will start to begin your interactions with the filming staff and will be taking your first steps down the road of being a movie investor.

If movie investment sounds like something that is right for you, then you should head on down to our movies page to see what investment opportunities are currently open. There are always new investment opportunities arising so make sure that you check back regularly to see what we are currently offering.