Massimiliano Cerchi

Massimiliano Cerchi

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Massimiliano (Max) Cerchi is an award-winner direct-to-video horror film director and producer.

Born In Italy, he moved to study and work in USA. He started his first movie in 1993.

He works from concept-to-completion on each film, developing the ideas, assembling the creative team, & delivering a finished production to the distributor. In every project, he is part filmmaker/part consultant/part workaholic.

His distinctive approach to filmmaking has attracted a client list that includes , celebrities, rock stars and other filmmakers.

Max's work has been featured in national and international film festivals. He has been a celebrity expert and film reviewer on various blog and video blogs such as Horror Palace and many more.

Awards: 1 win

Known For: Carnage Road (2000) | Hellinger (1997) | Insane (2016) | The Night Shift (2016)

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