Tim Burke

Tim Burke

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Tim Burke is a producer and director, known for The Second Coming (2017), Abducted (2015) and The Harrowing (2011).

One of the creative directors and co-founders of the business is MTV film director and visionary producer Tim Burke who has a number of ties with Hollywood having worked at MTV Europe where he personally directed and produced interviews and events with a host of Celebrities at Film Festivals, Film Premieres and showbiz events.

Tim now works with successful Film producers and Movie Fund clients seeking and raising film finance for major motion picture slates and big budget, high concept Movies with established Directors and producers.

He works on a daily basis with Michael Levy (‘Die Hard 2’, ‘Lara Croft’, ‘The Last Boy Scout’, ‘K-pax’, ‘Predator’) and other leading producers such as Tommy Ardolino & George Parra (American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, Nebraska, The Descendants) and Alan Walsh & Jim Sheridan a six-time Academy Award nominee best known for his films ‘My Left Foot’, ‘In the Name of the Father’ and ‘In America’ amongst others whose Movies are signed under NDA.

Known For: The Second Coming (2017) | Abducted (2015) | The Harrowing (2011) | MTV Blaggers! (2004)

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