The top questions you should ask as a movie investor

If you are going to be investing in movies, you need to know the right questions that you should be asking a director, writer or actor on the film. Gathering information about a film before you make an investment can help you to speculate more about the returns that you are going to get. Here are some of the top questions that investors commonly asked before they submit any kind of funding for a film:

Ask to hear a pitch: if you can get a picture or even a preview of a video this can give you the chance to see if it has the potential for a great return. Marketers for the film need to be able to really sell the pitch or the idea of the film not only to you but to their audience. If a pitch for a film is weak, there is a chance the film may not go far either.

Ask for references: learning how experienced the team is and some of their track record can help you when it comes to determining how secure your investment is. A good script and a good pitch on paper can present a great opportunity but if the director doesn’t have much experience, you may not be able to see great results.

Look at the talent: if there is a big-budget actor or someone that is up-and-coming in Hollywood attached to a film, there’s a good chance that you can see a great return on investment. If you can find a film that an A-list actor is attached to, this can often present a much more secure investment.

Ask about distribution: asking about distribution and marketing will make sure that once the film is made, it can be distributed appropriately and marketed with some of the best talent in the industry. Without a proper marketing and distribution path a film may not have a chance to get off the ground.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind on questions that you should ask as a movie investor.