6 Myths Uncovered About Film Investments

6 Myths Uncovered About Film Investments That Will Make You Want to Invest in Movies

Have you ever wanted to be part of the movie industry? Many people want to be a part of the movie industry and one way to do that is to become a film investor. Film investment has always had myths that surround it that but we are here today to help break you of those myths so that you can get the true facts about investing in movies.

Movie Investment Can’t Make You Money

One of the biggest falsehoods about movie investment is that you can’t make money when you invest in movies. No one knows quite where this rumor came from but it is completely untrue. As long as you perform your research and pick a good movie, your investment can make you thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

So much money has been made in movie investment that there are social networks on the internet designed just for those who are film angel investors.

Movie Investment Isn’t Logical

A lot of people believe that movie investment isn’t logical. You can invest in a movie and make no money back. This isn’t true. There is a lot of logic behind movie investment. This logic starts with the fact that movies that sound bad aren’t good investment opportunities. You also need to pick movies that have the right production crew, right actors and have a good viewer base.

Picking a good movie investment simply means that you research the movie and the target audience. As long as all of the factors come together your investment is likely going to be a sound one.

Movie Investors Don’t Have Perks

A lot of people wonder why they would invest in a movie if they don’t get anything from it. It is a completely false that you get nothing in addition to your investment. Almost all production teams offer their investors a wide range of perks. Depending on your level of investment you can also negotiate additional perks.

Some of the most common perks include being able to go on set, exclusive parties, select screenings, and even red carpet attendance. You will also get to meet the cast and crew. Some production teams will also let you have small parts in the movie such as being a bystander or someone walking down the street.

You Have To Give A Portion Of Your Investment To The Cast/Crew

A lot of people believe that you have to give a portion of your investment to the cast and crew in order to pay them for being involved in the movie. This is probably one of the biggest myths around the movie investment world. Almost all the time the movie’s production team pays the actors and crew out of their cut of the money. Typically, they also pay investors back their initial investment before getting anything themselves.

The Bigger The Movie’s Budget The Bigger The Profit

A lot of people think that the bigger the movie they are investing in the bigger the profit. The same goes for the movies budget. This isn’t true. Sometimes movies have humongous budgets and spend all of it on producing the movie. Then when it comes time for them to open in theatres, no one is interested in the movie. This means that there is a big lack of income from the movie.

Film Accountants Try To Fleece You

A lot of people believe that the accountants involved in movie investment want to keep all of the money for themselves and fleece the investors. When it comes to investments people are protective of their money so it isn’t too illogical to understand where this myth came from. This isn’t true, though. If a production company wants to ever make another movie they need to treat their investors well. With all of the different ways for investors to communicate, it wouldn’t take long for word of being mistreated to spread around.

Now that six of the most common film investment myths have been debunked for you, you should be prepared to make a good investment. Movies investments are one of the best things you can do for your life. You can have fun while making money at the same time.