7 Film Financing Strategies That’ll Make You Unbelievably Rich in a Few Months

Many people have made films, but they are yet to see the light of the day due to financial challenges. The main backbone of the film industry is the financing bit, without which it is impossible to produce a film. Here is a guide that will help you find financing for your film and make you rich, in a short while.

1. Funding from the Government

A number of countries have introduced tax incentives for the filmmakers. Your strategy would be to apply for the government funding and follow up in the decision makers until you have cash in your bank account. You should have a proposal and a business plan that will convince the relevant authorities to give you the money.

2. Film Pre-sales

When you have the film concept in place, you can engage in pre-sales for the movie as a way of getting funding. You may sell the movie at a lower price, up front, which will help you raise the money that is required to complete the production of the film. You may choose to co-produce with other filmmakers so as to ease your burden of financing.

3. Brand Placement

This is a form of mutual benefit, whereby you will get your financing, and the brands get publicity for their products. In this case, you will need to talk to brand managers from he on set and get their products featured in the movie, in exchange for cash. Most brands find this as a cheaper advertising option than print or TV media.

4. Music

Work with established musicians and have them create original pieces for the film. Since most of these musicians have deals to earn from music and their own audience, you will make a whole lot of money from the song that is in the movie. You would need to find the right musician to work with for this strategy to work.

5. Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is a strategy that can work to raise money for your film. Put together some offers and allow people to make donations to your project. If the project sounds interesting, people will want to be part of it.

6. Deferrals

Convince all the stakeholders to complete the work and get paid later. You have incentives like sharing of profits at a particular percentage rate. With this in mind, everyone will work harder and smarter to make the film a success so that they can get their share of the profits.

7. Self-Financing

This simply means that you do the financing on your own, using the resources at your disposal. Once all is done, and the movie is making money, you will not have to worry about paying off investors or lenders, the whole profit will be yours for the taking.

Every movie maker should understand that there is a whole lot of money out there. All you need is to have a great script and a proper strategy, and you will get the funding that you need for your film. You can use any of the strategies above to get some cash for your project.