Why Independent Film Investors Live Happier and Stress-Free Life

Independent films provide investors the opportunity to be involved with a creative project and see their names on the big screen. And more often than not, independent film investors live a happier and stress-free life compared to their mainstream counterparts.

Investors from major Hollywood studios often feel the pressure of creating the next big hit. On the other hand, independent film investors take on projects that they believe in. They don’t care whether the film will do well on box offices.

Independent film investors often support projects that are seen to be edgy or artsy. And just like major studio productions, indie films are shown around the world. The only difference is that they are only screened at festivals, such as Cannes Film Festival in France and Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Amount of Investment

Independent film investors are only responsible for the amount that they decided to invest into the project. They will not be accountable for other obligations and debts occurred by the production team during the making of the film. And more often than not, indie investors are repair their investment first before anyone gets something from the project.

And once the investors recovered their initial investment plus premium, there will be a revenue sharing scheme where investors will also receive a portion of income generated by the indie film.

This is the complete opposite of a major film investment, who has to bankroll the project from start to finish. They are stressed if things don’t go well with the production. And because it is a major project, their initial investment will be huge.

However, keep in mind that the cost of making an indie film can range from a couple of thousands to millions of dollars. According to Hollywood standards, a low budget film is something that was made under $10 million. It should be noted that some of the successful indie films was made under a million, such as The Blair Witch Project.

While the success of film projects is not a hundred percent, independent film investors don’t need to worry about losing a lot of money. And more often than not, they are investing in projects that they want to see. For them, it is not just an investment but a way to support the arts.

And those are the reasons why independent film investors are happier and less stressed compared to major film investors. Not only are they making an investment in the hopes of earning profits from it, they are also supporting indie filmmakers. The idea of being involved in a film is something that most people can only dream of. And most independent film investors are living that dream.