Why financing a film is one of the most exciting forms of investment

There are a number of big reasons why financing a film it is far more fun than a traditional stock investment or a mutual fund. Consider some of these top reasons why film investment is one of the most exciting forms of investment today:

You can help the project get made: if you really like the idea of a movie or the story of a script, financing a small part of that movie could be an excellent way to make sure that it gets made and that it is made well. As an investor, you can provide the financing tools that a great director needs to see their vision through.

There’s a chance to see consistent returns: Most major films are able to at least break even and earn a healthy return for investors. While there is some risk in financing independent films, there are often large margins for profiting when one becomes a hit. Films like slum dog millionaire, Juno and more were made with miniscule budgets that profited millions of times over at the box office.

You can use your knowledge and intuition on entertainment investments: You may find it difficult to invest in the stock market as the idea of tracking a business and doing research into an industry you know nothing about can make investing confusing. If you are a film buff you likely know a number of actors and directors that could be targeted for a project and the types of films that are popular in the industry. This is knowledge that you could be using to finance the right projects that the general public will love.

Your investment creates a legacy: The small portion of funding that you provided could create the next iconic film that its beloved by a generation.

These are just a few of the top reasons why financing a film can be one of the most exciting forms of investment.