5 Incredibly Useful Tips For Companies Considering Independent Film Financing

When it comes to making any investment you want to make sure that you are getting all of the tips you need to make money like the professionals. Movie investing is just like any other investment plan, you want to get the right tips. We have looked through all that we have learned about film investing and found the top five incredibly useful tips for companies that are looking to invest in movies.

Do Your Research

Movie investment can earn your business a good amount of money but it first requires you to do your research. Just like any other investment method, there are a lot of options out there and without research, it is impossible to know which movie will be the right one to invest in. Research doesn’t take long but can benefit you greatly. Here are some topics to research:

  • Current popular genres
  • Script quality
  • Actors and crew involved
  • Production company history

Don’t Invest All Of Your Money

When you are a business you are typically given a certain amount of money to invest. You don’t want to invest it all of your money in one place. Investing all of your money in one place can result in major repercussions should your investment fail.You wouldn’t just put all of your money in one stock, so why would you do it with your movie investment?

If you want to invest in multiple movies, that is one way to spread out your money. The best way to spread out your money though is to invest in multiple different investment strategies. This allows you to get profit from multiple sources. Some of them might even provide better tax benefits for your movie investments.

Make Sure That You Investigate Tax Laws

While you will not be making money right away with your investment you will eventually start to have an income from the movie investment. Just like normal methods of investing, such as stocks and bonds, you will have tax ramifications. It is important to speak with your financial advisor to see if there are any laws or special precautions that apply to your circumstances. If your business does not have a financial advisor, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with a contractor so that you know what to expect down the road.

Movie Investment Can Get Your Name Out There

One of the biggest things that movie investment can do for your business is getting your name out there. Almost all movie production companies feature their investor’s names clearly in the credits. The bigger your investment, the more prominent your mention gets. You might even be able to have your logo included for better brand recognition.While any name recognition can benefit your company, if you invest in a movie that your target customer will see, you will notice better results. This is especially true in the modern world where people stay to watch the credits in order to see bloopers or extra scenes.

You can also often negotiate product placement in the movie to have your products either mentioned or appear in the background during filming. A common example of this is when the main character drives a car with a very noticeable emblem. It may take a good investment to get this level of brand placement in the film, though.

Negotiate Movie Investment Perks for Employees

Employee satisfaction is important in today’s day and age. If employees don’t like their jobs and/or their workplaces, all they need to do is go online and it makes it harder for you to recruit new people. When it comes to negotiating the fringe benefits such as being able to attend the red carpet premier, meeting the cast and crew, and the like, negotiate to allow your employees to go. Whether it is a specific employee, a reward to an employee, or a raffle among your employees, it will help to increase morale in the workplace.

No matter what, movie investment can be one of the best moves your company makes. It will allow your company to have an additional source of profit, become a sponsor of a major production, and increase morale. Plus, how many people can say that they helped to make a movie possible. If you have any further questions about how movie investment can benefit your business, ask us in the comments down below.

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