Why You Should Consider Investing in Hollywood Movies

There are four kinds of people in this world: Investors, business people, employees, and self-employed people. Who do you want to be? You might say I am an investor because I own a home. However, the home may be a liability because each month there are taxes to be paid and maintenance costs.

Investments are different. With good investments, you get returns without even working. You trust your money to other people who through their hard work, money flows back to your pockets. Before you come up with an excuse, remember that investors are at the top of the hierarchy. Self-employed people are those who want to go it alone. They trust that there are the only people who can do the job. Business people, on the other hand, look for people who can manage and grow their ideas.

Now, investors profit from the diligence of the business owner and the team they have assembled. We cannot deny that there are risks involved. In business ventures the higher the risk, the more the return. Smart investors, do not always accept risk without thought. They are smart enough to ensure their investments. Take for instance banks. Banks will lend you money based on several factors. One is your cash flow. Next, they will look at what they can sell to pay back the loan you owe. With all this investment talk, you might ask; so, where should I invest? Just invest in movies.

Investing in Movies

Movies are risky investments, but there are excellent investments. Consider a movie like The Blair Witch Project (1999). The budget was $35,000, and people hate the movie’s concept. However, it grossed $248,300,000, an astounding sum. On the higher end, we have Avatar with a budget of $237 million. Currently, it is the second highest grossing film with a gross of $3,020,000,000 as of 2014. There are many success stories, but some movies are duds too. That is the reason you must do your homework to make the best choice. Here as some questions to ask:

  1. Can I speak to someone in charge? If you want to become an investor, go beyond the lawyers and ask to speak to the executive producer who is usually responsible for the money. It is possible and necessary.
  2. Can I look at the financials? Movies are usually under LLC or partnerships and you have the right to check the bank accounts first before investing.
  3. Who is involved? You should know about the actors, script, producers, shooting locations and more. You make the best decision after sufficient and comprehensive research. Movies with well-known directors and stars generally perform better, but it is not an assurance.

Investing via Our Equity Crowdfunding Platform

In the old days, you had to know people in Hollywood. Thanks to technology, you can enter the world of movie investing with ease. Keep in mind that the average investment ranges from about $200,000 to $1,000,000. Thus, the process involves lawyers and industry experts. We are the gateway to the world of movies, and you can earn big as an investor in ideas.